Friday, 28 September 2012

Going Clubbing

No, no, no. It's not what you think.

Much like American Universities, there are loads of different clubs and societies, from drum and bass (kinda like techno music??) to American football. So off I went, like an eager freshman, in search of new ways to meet people.

I found two societies I wanted to join. The first is a recreational swimming team (I'm far too out of swimming to be on the competitive team). For less than the cost of a gym membership, I can swim for 2 hours, twice a week with a trainer. And not just less than the cost of a gym membership, we're talking about $25 for the year and $2 a swimming session (Holy inexpensive!). But it gets better. After a swim, they all go to the pub for a pint. After talking to my resident Brit, this is pretty standard. Societies meet in pubs...hell students do group projects in pubs! And in case you're wondering, the Brits swim on the right side of the lap lane.

The other club I've found is the equestrian club. They have a competitive team and a recreational team, just like with swimming. And, just like with swimming, I'm not up for competing, although I hope that changes in the next 3 years. The club provides the horses, the instructors, even some of the kit (American translation: Uniform/outfit/garb/get up). A 45 minute lesson is $22 and I get to jump ponies. They do trail rides to pubs too. Have I mentioned yet that I love the pub culture?

Horsing and swimming officially start next week...and I can hardly wait. Until then, can I find another excuse to grab a pint or two?

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