Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Oh! Gwen! Let's get a curry!

Now that things are settling down from the big move, Richard and I are beginning to have visitors: Sam and Crisi (okay, they're only across town visitors), the sisters in law, and our first American visitor, Martha.

Each friend coming to say "hello" thrusts us quickly from being out-of-towners to locals as we take our buddies to see the sights.

The one attraction we are becoming experts on is the Curry Mile, the largest collection of south Asian restaurants outside of that part of the world...all within a 10 minute walk from our house.

We even have a favorite restaurant already with some of the spiciest food you can imagine. But there are dozens of different curry offerings, some with garlic and coconut milk, some with tomato and peppers. And even different types and flavors of na'an bread (ranging from sweet to savory) and six different types of dips for your poppadoms (think tostadas, but lighter).

And for dessert? There are sweet shops littered down the street with brightly colored confections and syrup saturated sweets. They all pair nicely with a Bollywood film from the shop across the street.

It's a definite must-see for when you come to visit. And I'm thinking a visit there for dinner tonight wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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