Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Deck the Radiator

Alright, I've lived in the UK for over a month, and if you know me well enough, you know that means countless spilled substances on my clothes. I've reused moderately clean shirts and trousers (not "pants" as that apparently means the same as "knickers" or "intimates" and just to set the record straight, I only use clean "pants" just like my mom taught me). But my clothing options were quickly depleting as one outfit after another was shot down with food spills and strange smells.

I had to break down and do the laundry.

The good news: We have a washing machine in our home.
The weird news: It's in our kitchen.
The unfortunate news: We don't have a dryer in our home.
The lucky news: We have a private courtyard in the back with a clothes line.
The bad news: In case you haven't heard, it rains quite a lot here.

So, I had to ask the stupid American question: How DO you dry your clothes here?

Richard pointed out we have a radiator in every room, and I've learned to adorn them with my wet clothes, leave them for a couple hours. Magically they dry and don't wrinkle. Genius.

Besides being festive and handy for laundry days, I've discovered that the radiator also doubles as a towel warmer. Ahhh...the life of luxury.

So maybe the laundry isn't something I should avoid, especially if I plan ahead and lay out clothes for the next day so they're nice and warm when I put them on.

But considering I'm a 24 year old woman who still spills on herself daily, let's not get too ambitious.


  1. This made me giggle quite a lot!!! I still find it funny what you guys think is unusual is totally normal to us.

    There is nothing better than putting on a warm pair of knickers and socks on a winter's morning. These are known as "toastie pants" and "toastie socks" in my house!

  2. Withington high street, dryer £1 for 15 minutes, drys everything :D