Saturday, 6 December 2014

The anatomy of an academic paper

By: Kelsey Mulder (Impressive Institution) and other people I know (Other Impressive Institutions)

What I study is extremely important. Everyone else who has attempted to study it so far has done so wrong (Enemy at Competing Institution, 2014) or has left out some pretty important stuff (Other People I Know and Like, 2014).

Data and Methods
I know a lot of acronyms. Like seriously. Count them all.

You probably won't understand a lot of what I go on about here, and it's likely that you'll skip this part and look at the pretty pictures. I designed it this way. Move along.

They sure look good and straightforward now, but you should have seen versions 1--27.

Musings and irresponsible speculations. This will be cited in introductions to come.

I threw my toaster across the room when I got my reviews back, but everybody else thanks their reviewers, so I probably should too.

I probably skimmed most of these.

I really wish real academic journal articles took me as little time to write as this blog post!

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  1. I reject the paper because it does not cite my studies.

    No, you can't know who I am.